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    Koen Wartena
    I know there are a lot of international conventions, all with their own Yacht Codes and rules. Does anyone have a complete list of these international conventions?
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    Hi Koen! Herewith the list, this is everything I can think of. 🙂

    • Load Line Convention
    • Marine Pollution Prevention Convention,
    • MARPOL Annex I (Prevention of oil Pollution)
    • MARPOL Annex IV (Prevention of Sewage Pollution)
    • MARPOL Annex V (Prevention of Garbage Pollution)
    • MARPOL Annex VI (Prevention Air pollution)
    • Maritime Labour Convention (MLC)
    • Safety Of Life At Sea Convention (SOLAS)
    • International Collision Prevention Regulations
    • International Tonnage, Suez and Panama Canal Tonnage Certification
    • US Coast Guard Compliance
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