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    Thank you for purchasing THE SUPERYACHT INDUSTRY BOOK.

    First of all, I am happy that you have read the book, and I truly hope you enjoyed it. I need to clarify that is the first time I ever wrote a book, hence it was a huge learning process. I did it in a record time in less than a year! collecting data, pre-writting the content and then contacting top experts to interview them and ask them for their input to add their contributions and valuable insights into each and every chapter.

    As it is the first edition (and the first time a book like this has ever been written!) I am sure there are a lot of improvements, hence I made this forum so that you can share with me here your constructive feedback for the coming editions.

    Please be polite and courteous as I take in all of your input seriously in order to not only the second version better but also the industry more professional.


    Thanks in advance!


    • Marcela


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